Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stop judging the late-comers!

"Are you envious because I'm generous?"
Matthew 20:15
The Gospel of the late laborers seems to really tweak our human sense of justice, doesn't it? I mean, the late workers in the vineyard receive the exact same wage as those who worked all day in the hot sun.  True, it was the agreed upon wage when they first arrived a the vineyard, but still...we feel like we do when we get up to the cashier at Kohl's and have to pay full price!  What??  This Gospel teaches us that God's justice is completely different than our human justice.  We think you should get what you pay for, what you deserve, what you have earned.  God lavishes love on us so generously as to look wasteful (think 12 baskets of leftovers!) Are we envious of God's generosity? Are we judging people unworthy? How about we not judge people at all, like Jesus commanded? What if we allow God to do what God does best...figure it all out with love and compassion? What if we realize that WE are the late-comers to the field and we thank God for loving us generously?  That's a lot to ponder on a Wednesday, but let's think about it! Love, heidi

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