Monday, December 1, 2014

Be with me where I am poor...

"Come, Lord Jesus, and be with me where I feel poorest."
Henri J.M. Nouwen, "Living with Christ"
I sat down and pondered this today and my first question was, where do I feel the poorest? Where am I asking Jesus to enter? I feel so wealthy in so many ways--friends, family, fulfilling work, a nourished spiritual life. Where do I feel poor? I think I feel poorest with the actual poor, oddly enough. I'm very weak when it comes to helping the poor.  I'm not sure how to react when I see a man sitting on the street corner with a sign, like I did in Boise last week. I know I come up way short in how to help. Jesus tells us to feed the poor and I'm so much more comfortable writing a check and mailing it, without having to actually deal with the poor. It's easier for me to have someone else do the dealing.  Lord Jesus, come and be with me in the area of my own poverty. Help me to love the poor and treat them the way you treated them.  Love, heidi

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