Friday, March 6, 2015

"I thirst"

"'Jesus said, 'I thirst.'"
John 19:28
Jesus' words from the cross were the beginning of our silent retreat last weekend at Nazareth.  The theme of the retreat was "Praying with Mother Teresa" and these two words of Jesus, "I thirst" marked the beginning of Mother's "call within a call." We were asked to pray with these words the first evening.  It was such a powerful time for me, just sitting and praying with Jesus' words.  I found myself asking Jesus, "What do you thirst for, Jesus? I want to help!" Let's all spend some time this weekend, sitting in silence with Jesus and his words, "I thirst."  It is an amazing prayer.  Blessings on your weekend and your special time with Jesus.  Love, heidi

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