Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Scrub up!

"Wash yourselves clean!"
Isaiah 1:16
Interesting that today's admonition to "wash ourselves clean" falls on the same day that Paula Huston in her Lenten book, "Simplifying the Soul" has us forego our daily shower.  Hum...what gives?  Well, of course, Isaiah is speaking of washing ourselves clean of our misdeeds.  Ms. Huston is urging us to appreciate the pampered cushy lives we enjoy in comparison to those who suffer in real poverty.  Two different things, but the words "wash yourselves clean" are worth pondering.  What are we to wash off ourselves today, even as we skip the shower?  Well, we can wash off unkind attitudes and harsh judgments. We can wash gossip from our mouths. We can scrub off prejudices and misconceptions about people and groups. There is plenty we can rinse off ourselves as we heed Isaiah and wash ourselves clean!   What would you like to see go down your drain?  Love, heidi

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