Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A name like no other...

"Jesus said to her, 'Mary!'"
John 20:16
In The Little White Book we are asked to imagine this scene with Jesus and Mary Magdalene at the tomb.  Mary does not recognize Jesus until he speaks her name with the familiarity she enjoyed as his dear friend for years.  The question is then asked of readers, "What name does Jesus call you?" It was wonderful to sit with this question and, I realized that Jesus has used a couple of names when beckoning me.  But it isn't so much just the name Jesus uses, but also the tenderness and love with which he says it and the accompanying arm around my shoulder or hand cupped gently under my chin.  These moments, names and actions stand out as highlights of my spiritual journey.  Some have occurred during the most difficult times of my life and some during the most peaceful.  But the message is that Jesus wants relationship with us.  He calls us by name, tenderly and lovingly.  His only desire is that we respond.  Love, heidi

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