Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A stone as a reminder...

"They threw him out of the city, and began to stone him."
Acts 7:58
Although we can certainly look at incidents of religious persecution in our own day, I feel called, this morning, to examine my own role in persecuting others. Oh, yes, a nice, middle-aged (if I live to be 120) Catholic lady and I AM guilty of persecuting others. I can stone others with my words just as easily as I can draw a breath. Can and do, unfortunately.  Author Claire J. King in "Living With Christ" yesterday suggested setting a rock on her desk at work to remind her that her words can stone others. She set one on her kitchen table too.  I think I will do the same.  I can so easily get swept away criticizing others and not even realize what I'm doing until the words are too far out of my mouth.  Once the words are out there, the stone has been thrown.  Lord, you know this is such a weakness of mine and here and now, today, I ask you to help me change.  Let this stone I put on my desk be a reminder to me that any harsh, unkind or critical words I say are just like stones being hurled through the air at someone.  Help me to show your kindness, mercy and love for others around me today!  Love, heidi

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