Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bare twigs

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; those who are crushed in spirit, he saves."
Psalm 34:19
I've really been noticing the changing trees this autumn. As we move through November, they are mostly bare; their last burst of glory laying on the ground beneath them.  One could think they would be ashamed, being so bare there with so little to offer now...no more safe shelter for birds, no more shade for humans. But, there they are, proud to be just bare twigs, pointing toward heaven.  The trees know something we may forget. That these short days and long nights can serve as such a wonderful time of rest.  Less is expected of the trees as they are stripped bare of their offerings. They can rest and rejuvenate to be ready for spring if they use this time wisely.  Lord, please help me to appreciate this time of bare twigs.  Help me to use the restful time wisely and prayerfully.  Help me to offer others what you give me to share, even if it doesn't seem like much right now.  For only you can take my meager offering, make something of it and put it to good use. You can take my bare twigs and help me point toward heaven. Help me to love these days of restful darkness.  Love, heidi

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