Friday, November 13, 2015

Mother Cabrini...HER-story

"Prayer is powerful. It fills the earth with mercy."
Mother Cabrini

Today, in honor of Mother Cabrini's feast day, I found the website of her sisters, who are still vibrant and serving in the world mightily.  My favorite Mother Cabrini story is the one where she arrives in New York to help with the Italian immigrants as she was told to do by Pope Leo XIII.  Mind you, she didn't want to go to New York, she wanted to go to China, but in the spirit of obedience, she agreed to take a few of her sisters and go to the US.  When she and her sisters arrived, the bishop tried to send her back to Italy.  I remember Fr. Mike telling us this story at daily mass and he said, "How would you like to be the bishop whose claim to fame was trying to send Mother Cabrini back to Italy?" But, Mother Cabrini, undaunted, said she was staying and that was that.  The rest is history, or really HER-story!  You can read about her here:
Blessings on your Friday and weekend!  Love, heidi

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