Thursday, November 12, 2015

Perceive. Contemplate. Share.

"And continually the soul does what it was made for: it perceives God, it contemplates God, and it loves God..."
Julian of Norwich, Showings 44
I really love this (I love lessons in threes), but what does it look like in our 21st century life? I sat with it for a while and came up this...First, we perceive God--all around us in nature, in the people we encounter in our day, in the peace and serenity of silence.  We find God. Having found God, we commune with God, learn about God through scripture, prayer and just sitting with God, listening.  And then, after finding and feeling God's presence, we are called to go out and love God in others.  All of this is a delicate balance of action and contemplation, really.  If all of our sitting around communing with God doesn't lead us out to love others, we must be contemplating the wrong thing!  We find God. We commune with God. We love God by loving others.  That may seem simple, but we all know better, right?  I do love lessons in, heidi

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