Monday, February 29, 2016

Another chance to bear fruit!

"Sir, leave it (the fig tree) for this year also, and I shall cultivate the ground around it and fertilize it; it may bear fruit in the future.."
Luke 13:8-9
We had the Gospel of the non-productive fig tree on Saturday evening and, let me tell ya, it was a relief to me! The week had ended with me feeling quite inept in my job.  Not necessarily the mechanics of the job, but what I am learning is the real purpose of my job: to love others.  I had loved dismally. There, I said it.  There was the lady who called at 4:45 on Friday afternoon, needing me immediately.  I didn't love her well at all.  And the lady with less-than-perfect hygiene earlier in the week.  I couldn't even begin to love her.  It's a grace that I can recognize these failures in myself. But, an even greater grace is the fact that I will have another chance with both of them this week! Just like the fig tree, given another chance to produce by the gardener in this Gospel, God cultivated me over the weekend and now, with God's grace I can love better.  Thank you, Great Cultivator! Love, heidi

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