Thursday, March 3, 2016

The voice of love...

"If today you hear God's voice, harden not your hearts."
Psalm 95:8
As often as I have heard (and even sung) this Psalm, today was the first time I really considered this: it presumes we hear with our hearts.  Actually, we hear with our ears, but respond with our hearts.  So, eventually, our hearts need to be open and pliable to respond to God's voice, not hard and closed off. Just hearing the voice of God with our ears won't cut it, because God's voice always calls us to action. God's voice calls us to mercy and forgiveness, love and compassion, justice and peace.  God's voice calls us to serve others, not just considering our own interests or well-being.  God's voice is often very hard to hear because it makes us look beyond ourselves into the bigger universe.  God's voice points out to us that it is not about us.  And that may be a difficult song for us to hear.  So, if today you hear God's voice to love the difficult ones, to forgive the bitter hurt, to reach out to the one who is suffering, harden not your heart.  It's God's voice you are hearing and it is a voice of pure Love.  Love, heidi

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