Sunday, March 27, 2016

He is Risen! He is loose!

"Jesus is loose!"
Sr. Melannie Svoboda, "Living Faith"
I love this story Sr. Melannie recounts about a first grade teacher who asks her students what the Empty Tomb means to us.  One little guy shouts out, "Jesus is loose!" Yea, Baby...that's it! I sat down and thought about what it means to have Jesus loose in my little life.  What's that about? It means that Jesus is totally accessible to us at any time.  Now that he's risen, now that he's loose, he's totally HERE. It started out slowly for me. A few words of comfort during a difficult time of my life.  I was driving to Challis, stewing about the problem du jour, and there they were in my head: words of comfort that weren't my own. I almost drove off the road.  They were comforting, peace-filled and I hung on each one. I wrote them down later and re-read them often. They were Jesus' words to me at just the perfect time.  Since hearing Jesus that time it's become much easier and more frequent, thanks be to God.  The other day I even heard a good-natured chiding for trying to whistle a church song. "Just turn the radio on, heidi, please, your whistling is killing me!" So, yes, I totally get that Jesus is risen so he is available to us all the time.  To comfort us, to encourage us, maybe even challenge us. Surely, to chuckle at our whistling.  Jesus is Risen.  Enjoy his presence! Love, heidi

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