Friday, April 1, 2016

From the inside out...

"Cleaning and Restoration."

It's such a simple phrase on the side of a truck.  The place next door to me that flooded in January is finally being restored. After three months, the time has come to begin rebuilding what the flood had destroyed. My place was repaired in just a short time, but the one next door, where the flood originated, needs to be restored--from the studs out. At this point, I'm not even bothered by the huge truck blocking the driveway delivering sheetrock. There is just such relief and joy that something can be rebuilt, refurbished, restored.  It's all so God-ish! God does the same for us when we feel tired, listless and sad. When our lives get too hum-drum and predictable; when our spiritual lives grow uninspiring. God can build us back up from the inside out.  All it takes is a little surrender, silence, and a wee bit of prayer-ful elbow grease. God loves to refurbish our tired little souls! Let's give God the chance this weekend! It's still Easter! love, heidi

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