Friday, June 10, 2016

Tie up your camel!

"A young man went to a great master of wisdom and said to him, 'Master, so great is my trust in God that I didn't even hitch my camel out there. I left it to God's providence, for him to take care of. And the wise master said, 'Go back outside and tie your camel to the post, you nincompoop! There's no point in inconveniencing God with something that you can do yourself."
Fr. Anthony de Mello, "Walking on Water: Reaching God in Our Time"

I giggled when I first read this last night. We absolutely don't use the word "nincompoop" enough! But it's true. As much as I feel God is active and lively in each thread in the fabric of my life, I also realize that I should meet God halfway and do what I can do on this side. As we celebrate a nearly-really-summer weekend, let's trust God in all things, but also tie up our own camels, Friends! Seriously. Love, heidi

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