Monday, August 29, 2016

Enough is enough!

"What is the source of our own fear? And, more importantly, what--or who--is the source of our courage?"
Sr. Pat Kozak, "Give Us This Day"

These are the questions I pondered on a (relatively) Silent Sunday yesterday.  One of the fears I recognized is my fear of scarcity...not having enough. I think I inherited this from my mother, who, growing up in the Depression, had one good dress she had to share with an aunt who pitted it out.  There was never "enough" for Mom, coming from that trauma, understandably.  Why I inherited the fear, mystifies me.  I never lacked for anything, but still, a nosey visitor would find 8 bottles of hemp lotion on my closet shelf!  So, where does the courage come from to conquer this irrational fear? It comes from knowing that I have always had "enough" and probably always will.  I don't need all I have and if I live to be 100, (Please God, no) I wouldn't need another thing.  Less is the new more.   Sharing is better than hoarding (would anyone like a bottle of hemp lotion?) It is illuminating to take a look at our fears and where they may have come from, but, as Sr. Pat suggests, the Source of our courage to conquer them is even more ponder-worthy. Gracious God of Every Abundance, please help me let go of this fear of scarcity! Enough is more than enough!  Love, heidi

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