Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Loving the mystery...

"Mystery is not something you can't know. Mystery is endless knowability."
Fr. Richard Rohr, Daily Meditation, 8/23

As I'm getting older, I am more comfortable with not knowing stuff. Oh, I get frustrated with not understanding all the technology needed for my job, but I'm talking about bigger "not knowing"...mystery.  One time I was talking with a fellow whose religion has a good deal all figured out.  They believe that after we die this happens, then that.  He asked me what my religion taught about heaven and the afterlife.  I answered that we really don't know. I fumbled around for the "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard..." scripture. We don't know what it's like or who will be there, but that is perfectly OK with me. I'm happy with the mystery; I'm just happy anticipating it will be great! I think accepting the mystery is a lot easier than trying to figure it all out, frankly. Knowing all about everything sounds like Too Much Information for me just now. So, in accepting the mystery of Whatever Happens is, in some sense a knowability (which keeps coming up on spellcheck as not really a word, but that's OK with me, too) I am happy knowing that I don't know. In fact, that's worth celebrating...So, this later August Tuesday, let's find ourselves OK with the not-knowing of mystery. We don't need to know what happens at the end. Let's just be grateful for today! Love, heidi

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