Monday, August 22, 2016

The "Just This" moments...

"Just This"
Fr. Richard Rohr

Our lives are full of Just This moments if we are just aware and open to seeing them. A Just This moment is a flash in time, an instant of awareness that you want to freeze and bask in. A moment of clear awareness of the Grace and Love of God because the moment is so perfect.  Maybe it is a moment around a campfire with family or friends. Maybe it occurs while driving a scenic road with the autumn leaves turning. Maybe it is sitting in the back of a pickup truck on a country road with friends from high school, singing TV theme songs. (Yes, this past weekend was the Girls of '74 gathering!) But, the beauty of the Just This moment is recognizing God in our own personal experience, in our little human lives. Because God is there! God is in the gathering, the sharing the joyful laughter.  God is in the comradery, the hugs and tears, the memories. God is in the silence, the pondering, the stillness. God gives us the Just This moments and is present in them for the seeing.  Let's be especially aware as we embark on a waning summer Monday. Love, heidi

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