Monday, September 19, 2016's all prayer

"'And' demands that our contemplation become action
'And' insists that our action is also contemplative..."
Fr. Richard Rohr,  A Spring Within Us, "The Shining Word 'And'"

I had a chance to ponder this yesterday on a Somewhat Silent Sunday.  I recognized that it is exactly what happens when I volunteer at the Hospice Home. I still have so much to learn about it all--action and contemplation and also the Hospice Home.  I'm not totally comfortable with any of them, but that's OK...I'm learning.  Mostly at the Hospice Home I am doing household chores while trying, diligently, to stay out of the way.  The work of dying is very difficult and is a struggle, sometimes, for the person dying as well as for their family.  How can action and contemplation work together to keep the flow of God's love, well...flowing?  After a few weeks, I am finally getting the picture (I'm a bit of a slow study!) As I went about my chores last week, I could sense a real need for prayer among the patients and families.  I could feel a palatable need for peace and letting go.  I felt so helpless and yet, I was able to connect with the need by sitting down and praying for a while in between dusting and laundry. Then, after a time, the prayer actually became the dusting and the laundry.  What I learned from all this is that any action I do there (and anywhere, really) needs to come from a prayerful place within me. And the prayer that I am saying needs to manifest in the work of comfort, be it sweeping the floor or offering beverages.  It is all prayer.  Love, heidi

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