Monday, September 12, 2016

Lost and Found...

"Or what woman having ten coins and losing one would not light a lamp and sweep the house, searching carefully until she finds it? And when she does find it, she calls together her friends and neighbors and says to them, ‘Rejoice with me because I have found the coin that I lost."
Luke 15:8-9

I've been waiting for this Gospel to come around so I can share my Lost and Found story! See, I've had this ring for ten years. It has Jesus fish all around it and is inscribed with the scripture 1 Corinthians 7:34. It's very special to me because it represents a commitment I've made and I'm reminded of that commitment each time I see it on my finger. Carelessly, I've lost this ring more than once. It even had to be sent back to me from Kansas one time! About a month ago, I lost it for good. Or so I thought. I was devastated. I just didn't feel complete without it on my finger. There was something missing in me and I was heartsick. When I heard this reading yesterday, I flashed back to how sad I felt with my ring missing and realized that there is something missing in God's world when we are not connected to God. So, it's not just that God rejoices when one of us is found and back in the fold, but God feels the tremendous ache of loss when we wander away.  I turned the house upside down, just like this gal in the Gospel, to search for my ring. At one point, I peered under the couch with a flashlight and caught a glimpse of something shiny, way in the back. Apparently, it had fallen through the couch cushions to the floor. I rejoiced and vowed to be more careful. But in that Lost and Found, I'd caught a glimpse of how treasured we are by God, who seeks us when we are lost, too. Love, heidi

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