Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A magnificent distraction...

As I was sitting down to do my readings and morning prayer, I had the most incredible distraction ever! Daughter Jeni Rose is in Barcelona and was texting me as she explored her neighborhood. She happened onto the Cathedral, which is a few blocks from her little flat.  She went inside and sent me pictures of it with her little commentary of how beautiful and amazing it all is. An organ was playing and a soloist practicing. She was awed by the holiness of it. And, to me, THAT was my prayer time right there. No, I didn't quite get to the readings, but traveling through the Cathedral at Barcelona with Jeni Rose was a magnificent prayer in itself.  So, thank you, Gracious God for the gift of distraction! And the gift of seeing the Cathedral through the eyes and iPhone of Jeni Rose...Love, heidi

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