Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A thousand times a day...

"What must I do, Lord?"
Acts 22:10

Saul-soon-to-be-Paul has just had a stunning wake-up call from Jesus...his "Come to Jesus" moment as we like to say today.  But this isn't just Paul's journey at all. Once we realize that we need and desire God's guidance in our own lives each day, we may ask this question ourselves.  And not just for the Big Decisions or the Big Events of our lives, but also for the smallest things.  Once we realize that God isn't just for Sunday worship or as a lifeline as we sit waiting for the doctor's diagnosis, we are reassured that God's is there for us.  God wants THAT kind of relationship with us. The kind of relationship where we call on God to help with all the thousands of decisions we make.  The kind of help and support we may seek out a friend to receive. That is the meaning behind the "Pray always" advice.  God doesn't want to just be waiting on the shelf to be called upon for the Big Times.  God wants to be there for any event that pops up in our winter day. So, what must we do, today, Lord? Love, heidi

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