Thursday, January 26, 2017

Letter to God...

"I saw that God never began to love us...We have always been in God's foreknowledge, known and loved from without beginning...We were made for love."
Julian of Norwich, as quoted in "Christian Mystics," by Matthew Fox

I stepped up to the window at the Post Office to pick up a package yesterday. My friend, who works there, showed me a letter written by a small child to God and sent to the Post Office.  She had been given the letter and the task of answering it.  Tall order, that!  She asked if I had any suggestions of what to say to this dear child.  With a line of people behind me and only my friend at the service counter I could only think of one word...Love.  Somehow, if she can convey to this little girl that God loves  her with the biggest love in the world...that would be the route I would go.  I think if I spent a four day silent retreat pondering the question I would come up with the same answer.  God loves you, Dear Little One. God loves you with the biggest, most special love ever!  It's bigger than the huge mountains of snow we have outside! Come to think of it, this is an awesome Spiritual Direction exercise for all of us, really.  If you had to answer a small child's letter like this, what would you say?  Let's ponder and pray with that this winter day. And maybe let's think about how we could answer that letter with our very lives, when our words seem to fall short...Love, heidi

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