Wednesday, March 8, 2017


"My sacrifice, O God, is a contrite spirit;
a heart contrite and humbled, O God, you will not spurn."
Psalm 51:19

I sat and thought about what it may look like to be humble-of-heart.  For me, I think it means not thinking I have all the answers or am doing it right and everyone else is wrong. Being humble-hearted means that we need God...desperately. We cannot do any of it on our own and trying to just makes us look arrogant and paradoxically, weaker. In our honest, admitted weakness is God's strength, but first we must recognize our weakness and be open to God's working within us.  And that can be so hard when our culture values self-sufficiency, as Fr. Richard Rohr points our in his Daily Meditation today. It's counter-cultural for us to revel in weakness, when our very weakness opens us up to God's strength.  Today, let's think about what it means to be humble-of-heart and what that may look like on our windy Wednesday. Could it mean we admit to God, "I just can't do this without you!"  Love, heidi

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