Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We have no idea...

"Papa was reclining on an old Adirondack chair, eyes closed, soaking in the sun. 'What's this? God has time to catch a few rays? Don't you have anything better to do this afternoon?'
'Mack, you have no idea what I'm doing right now.'"
William Paul Young, "The Shack"

OK, I admit, things in our country and world seem to be a scary mess to me. I can get so caught up in fear and trepidation...I'm nervous and afraid. It all seems to be unraveling. There it is. What I need to remember, always, is that God can and does work for good in all that seems bad. This scene from the book and movie is comforting to me. Oh, I know I can read many scripture passages that provide comfort and assurance, too, but there's something about seeing and reading God saying the equivalent of "I'm on it, trust me!" It doesn't SEEM like God is working in the scene from the movie, but we can't tell what God is doing as the character sits, soaking in the sun. We may not be able to readily see God working, but we need to trust that it's happening. It's there. God is on it. And, since God works through human beings, we need to be open and willing to do what God asks us to do.  We will only learn what that may be by listening to God, in silence and prayer.  We need to trust that God is doing God's part and we need to listen and be open to our part.  And that seems to be how it works...Love, heidi

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