Thursday, August 3, 2017

Do you get it?

"Do you understand all these things?"
Matthew 13:51

Jesus had just used metaphors to describe the Kingdom of heaven to his is like seed thrown onto various kinds of soil, it is like a mustard seed, it is like yeast in dough, it is a treasure in a farmer's field, it is like a valuable pearl.  And then, after all of these rich images, Jesus asks, "Do you get it?" Do we? Some days I can see it more clearly than others, that's for sure. Jesus knew and I am finding out that it takes a whole lifetime to understand. We grow in our faith and inch along on our journeys; some days we get it, others it's too mysterious. At some times, our faith seems stretched to the limit, trying situations that we can't imagine are happening to us. Where is God? Then things settle down and we coast for a while, our faith safely resting in our back pockets. Hopefully, we remember where it is when we need it again and we pull it out and use it. These early days of August, let's sit quietly and pray with the ebbs and flows of our faith journey. Can we plug some of Jesus' metaphors into our own experiences? Can we just sit and thank God for the treasure that is our walk with God? Love, heidi

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