Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our prayer tents...

"The tent, which was called the meeting tent, Moses used to pitch at some distance away, outside the camp. Anyone who wished to consult the Lord would go to this meeting tent outside the camp."
Exodus 33:1

A couple of things bubbled up in my head when I read this today. First, the advantage of having a prayer corner or prayer chair set aside in our homes as a form of "meeting tent." I just have a comfy chair surrounded by my readings, a candle, my singing bowl, pictures, pens and a journal. Dear Sister Mechtilde sat there once when she came to dinner and exclaimed, "I feel edified just sitting here!" Setting aside a little place to pray is lovely, but...
The second thing that I thought of with this reading today is the fact that we DON'T need to only go to a certain place to find and chat with God. While it is nice to have set aside time and space, it isn't necessary for us to meet God anywhere but in our own hearts. God is always there, waiting and eager to meet with us--in the tent of our own hearts.  Sorry for the wee bit of paradox, today...but there it is! Welcome Bountiful August!  Love, heidi

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