Friday, August 4, 2017

Faith that moves mountains...

"He didn't work many mighty deeds there because of their lack of faith."
Matthew 13:58

One of the things that struck me this morning as I read this, is that, if they had so little faith, why wouldn't Jesus want to work miracles and "prove" himself to them? Interesting, that. Jesus wasn't so much about proving himself as engaging with the people, urging their faith to complete the miracle, thus empowering them in their own healing. Jesus comments often after someone is healed that it is their faith that has accomplished the healing, deflecting the miracle away from his own power and pointing to their faith. Ah, but what about those who are healed from afar, whose relatives or friends come to ask Jesus for healing on their behalf? Well, if we think about it, human faith is still a big part of that--the faith of the relative or friend--human faith still plays a part, collaborating with Jesus to bring the miracle about. Today, as we charge into our first August weekend, let's marvel in the power of faith--our little mustard seed size faith and recognize that Jesus makes miracles happen with what we bring to the party.  Love, heidi

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