Friday, August 12, 2011

The under-ordinary

"In fact, Scripture goes even further and says that God often chooses to break into our lives not merely through the extraordinary or ordinary, but through the under-ordinary!"
Sr. Melannie Svoboda, "In Steadfast Love"

"Under-ordinary?"  What in the name of a summer Friday is that? Under-ordinary are the times when we are struggling.  We maybe going through a loss, be it a loss of a person, job, home, security; a time of struggle.  It may be a time of hunger in our lives, or weakness.  Things aren't going as they should.  We are in turmoil.  Under-ordinary.  We long for an ordinary day when we could just go through the day as usual.  But, instead, this "thing" is causing our lives to turn upside-down, and we can no longer be ordinary.  "Ordinary" would look great from where we are.  And that, according to Sr. Melannie, is when God may be most visible to us.  God certainly is in our midst in all the times of our lives, but there are times when we may feel God more closely.  We may be too caught up in the dancing of the extraordinary times to notice God dancing with us, but God is there.  We may not think of God in the ordinary days, when we get up, do what we do, come home and go to sleep.  But God is there, too.  It may be that when we are at our weakest, we finally can see God, with an arm around our shoulder.  May your weekend be anything but under-ordinary!  Love, heidi

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