Monday, April 23, 2012

Many blessings a day!

"My second suggestion for claiming your blessedness is the cultivation of presence.  By presence I mean attentiveness to the blessings that come to you day after day, year after year."
Henri Nouwen, "Life of the Beloved"

I read this yesterday, sitting out in the glorious sunshine.  I was indeed very blessed and knew it! But, this passage invited me to look back over the last few days and notice other blessings I'd received.  Henri Nouwen says that we may miss blessings if we are not present and aware that we are being blessed.  It is sometimes easier to notice them in retrospect than right there at the time.  But I thought of simple gestures that touched me at the time and, to me, they were indeed blessings.  A wink.  A hug.  A knee-slapping laugh.  A shared idea. These simple interactions with others had blessed me.  I had been blessed indeed.  Today, let's be aware of all the blessed encounters we have with others.  Let's be open to receiving blessings from others and, as Henri Nouwen also says, those who are open and receive blessings are sure and swift to bless others in return!  Love to you on your Monday!  heidi

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