Friday, May 24, 2013

A faithful friend...

"A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure."
Sirach 6:14

After Sam's graduation last weekend, and all the ensuing festivities, Sam and her roommates cleaned out the apartment and all moved on to different adventures in different states. It was hardest for Sam and her friend Jac (Jacqueline). They had been through so much together, since freshmen year! Sam called me in tears, saying they had just said good bye...driving away from the apartment caravan-style at first, and then, one turned one way the other turned the other way. On to their new lives, away from Boise State, and all they had shared. I sat there and cried right along with her. It is heart-breaking, even now, to write this, because I've been there, moving away from dear friends and lives shared. But, like I told Sam, thanks be to God that you have friends that are so hard to leave! It is such a gift to share ourselves with these treasures that God puts into our lives! If we went through our lives without feeling the pain of leaving, it means we never really loved. And that would be such a huge loss. So, today, let's use this scripture to really celebrate our friends. Let's thank God for the treasures in our lives we call friends. Blessings on your Memorial Day weekend! Love, heidi

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