Thursday, February 12, 2015

Blessings on your day!

"To bless is not so much to 'make sacred,' however, as it is to acknowledge the sacredness that is already there."
Sr. Joyce Rupp, "The Cup of Our Lives"
Yesterday was such a negative day for me! It was as if there was a little black cloud following me around all day and all I could perceive was the negative side of things.  Reading this today, I wonder if there just wasn't enough blessing in my day? We had a good homily earlier this year in which three different types of blessings were described:
First, God blesses us, second, we praise God, thus blessing God in return, and third, we share God's blessing with others.  All that blessing going around makes for a much more positive day, I bet! Looking back on yesterday, I can easily see that God did God's part by blessing me,  there just wasn't enough of me praising God and sharing God's blessing with others.  Thus: enter little black cloud.  Today, I will look more closely for the rich blessings in the people and events of my day.  I'm not making them blessed, but I will try to recognize how blessed and sacred they already are! Should make for a much better day!  Love, heidi

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