Thursday, April 30, 2015

The gift of spring!

"The promises of the Lord I will sing forever!"
Psalm 89:2
One of my little mobility kids asked me the other day if I like May (since it is coming up tomorrow!).  I answered her that I do, certainly.  "Why?" she asked. I thought about it and realized I'd much rather be on this side of summer than on the other side.  Days are getting longer, the smell of lilacs is in the air, the world just seems so fresh and new--new leaves, new flowers, new baby critters.  Yes, I like May, dear little student!  And all of that leads me to praise God for the gifts of spring. Today is a perfect day to praise God for the many gifts we are given each day.  Each morning we wake up we are given a gift of a new day.  Let's make a special point today of celebrating it well!  Love, heidi

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