Friday, May 22, 2015

Follow me...

"And when he had said this, (Jesus) said to (Peter), 'Follow me.'"
John 21:19
Today, as I stew about work issues and other pursuits and all the people who give me worry (and I take it), maybe Jesus is just reminding me, "Follow me."  Maybe I'm to just concentrate on Jesus, my Leader, today and let God sort out all the other stuff. Let God figure out the work stuff, the soggy weekend forecast, the suffering masses, and the fact that, sometimes, I feel I just don't measure up.  Dear God, I want to leave all of that in your capable hands.  I just want to follow Jesus!  And following Jesus means loving others--not fixing them, or complaining about them, or tolerating them through clenched teeth, but loving them.  Loving them means being kind, forgiving, and gentle. It means finding the good in them and realizing that God is working in them just as God is working in me. Jesus told Peter to tend and love his sheep and sometimes the sheep are difficult to tend and love.  But, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, and following Jesus, we can do it! Blessings abundant on your holiday weekend!  Love, heidi

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