Friday, June 5, 2015

Empowered, by God!

"There is a world full of suffering waiting for the healing and hope you carry in your hands."
Mary Stommes, "Give Us This Day"

I wonder if we really believe that we have what it takes to actually help. We have a tendency to doubt ourselves, don't we? We feel more bumbling and inadequate in our own abilities and, surely, there is someone else who could do it better. isn't there?  What we forget, though, is that we are empowered by God (or empowered, by God!) to do whatever God needs us to do in this world. What we bring, our seemingly meager loaves and fish, can be multiplied and magnified to meet God's need.  That is reassuring, isn't it? We need to show up, willing and ready, and let God do the rest with and in us.  Blessings on your nearly-summer weekend!  Love, heidi

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