Monday, June 1, 2015

Love in action

 "I give you a new commandment: love one another."
John 13:34
I spend a lot of time trying to apply scripture to modern day life.  What does this scripture look like in 21st century Idaho? Or anywhere? Sometimes, frequently if I am paying attention, I see it played out exactly as written. Like last night.  My car was making a weird, dragging-type noise and, when turning up the radio didn't cover it up, I investigated when I got to the parking lot of the store.  Sure enough, it looked like I had picked up some big thing and was dragging it along.  I tried to dislodge The Thing and, while it was loose on one side, the other side was hopelessly stuck...or was that attached?  Yikes!  A kind lady came over and asked me what the deal was and when I explained, she beckoned Husband, who was in the idling pick up truck with the kids.  He left the truck idling in the middle of the lane and, before I knew it, was laying on his back in the parking lot, under the front of my car.  He scooted around on his back in the grime and grit and discovered the issue was a plastic protective piece that had broken off on one side and was dragging along, presumably for a while.  He had just the perfect tool in his pocket, loosening the two bolts that held on the other side of it and freeing it.  I was in awe of his generosity, taking the time, getting himself filthy, and helping me on my way.  I thanked him, wished their family God's blessing and felt completely different about everyone I saw in the store afterwards.  Surely, all there were as generous and kind.  My fellow humans.  I love them.  May we all be as generous and kind to each other today.  Love, heidi

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