Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Come to the party!

"Solitude is a place 'where only God will do.'"
Ruth Haley Barton, "Sacred Rhythms"
I think the reason I crave my solitude on Silent Sundays is because I am not "alone." I am alone with God, which is a very different alone-ness than just being by myself. It doesn't feel empty or void at all; it feels very full and rich. I feel very much "least alone," as Lord Byron put it. I feel surrounded by loved ones--all in the presence of God.  I know it may sound crazy but I feel so much more my authentic self when it's just God and me.  Heidi--the display model--is nowhere in sight and I can just be the me that God created; faults and all.  I encourage you to try spending some time alone, and unplugged, with God, even just a few minutes.  You may be so surprised who shows up!  God will be God and you will be you; and that's a party!  Love, heidi

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