Thursday, October 8, 2015

God's will vs my will?

..."how much more will the Father in heaven give to those ask of him?"
I used to think that God's will and my will were vastly different wills.  Like I would want to do one thing and God would want me to do something completely different. I was, sort of, praying against God to get what I wanted. (Seriously?  I was young.) Thanks be to God, I've outgrown that little dilemma!  Now, I realize that God puts God's will deep into our hearts as our own desire.  Looking back, I can see that God put the desire deep in my heart to work with blind folks and viola! I followed that desire into a thirty-plus year career in just that! See how that works? God and I don't want completely different things!  So, today, as we read Jesus beckoning us to ask, seek and knock on God's door, what is it we deeply desire?  Jesus assures us that the Holy Spirit will give us the wisdom to discern and do.  Can we spend some quiet time searching deep within? What desire is there?  Love, heidi

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