Monday, December 14, 2015

A refugee family

"The greatest of kings, born in the most humble of places. God made flesh."
Melchior, "The Nativity Story"
Yesterday was my annual viewing of the beautiful movie, "The Nativity Story" (2006). I laughed again (Joseph has such a dry sense of humor!) I cried again.  I marveled at how real and beautiful the familiar story is told.  It is so real.  And, as I cried, I realized that I love this movie because it really brings the story to life.  You can believe it. From the teenage Mary's sulky little pout, to the wise men arguing about faith. The fear, the uncertainty, the clinging to the hope of a Savior. It is all there.  This time it really struck me how the Holy Family was a refugee family, traveling to Bethlehem with nowhere to stay when they arrived, then fleeing to Egypt to escape a murderous regime. They are helped by kind shepherds and other travelers but they are also treated cruelly by some and ignored by others. It occurred to me that the Holy Family is alive and struggling in our world this very day.  Where are we? How are we treating them? Something to think about as we move toward our celebrations of the most famous refugee family.  Love, heidi

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