Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mercy--give and take

  "A year in which to be touched by the Lord Jesus and to be transformed by his mercy, so that we may become witnesses to mercy. Here, then, is the reason for the Jubilee: because this is the time for mercy."
Pope Francis, on the Jubilee Year of Mercy
The Year of Mercy is about giving and receiving mercy in our very own lives.  It should be in our thoughts and prayers each day, not just the day it begins or ends.  It is to remind us to reach out to those we may have offended or hurt and ask for forgiveness.  It is for us to extend forgiveness to those who have hurt or offended us.  It should touch and affect our lives at every level or it just won't mean anything at all.  The Year of Mercy is so personal to each one of us.  Deep in our hearts we know who needs our mercy and from whom we need to ask forgiveness.  But the bottom line and glory of it all, is that we are to see and appreciate God's mercy toward us. Those of us in Idaho Falls will have that chance tonight during our Reconciliation service at 7:00 at Christ the King.  We cannot give what we don't have ourselves, so let's allow that to kick off a chain reaction of mercy throughout our community! God's grace and mercy await us...we simply need to just come and partake. What a wonderful gift! Love, heidi

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