Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Heading to the vineyard...

"He came to the first and said, 'Son, go out and work in the vineyard today...'"
Matthew 21:28
The father in today's Gospel has two sons and he asks each one to go work in the vineyard.  The first says, "No," but goes anyway, the second says, "Yes," but doesn't go. Which one is the Good Guy? Similarly, but not quite, I have to report for jury duty today (these connect in a second, stay with me!) Now, I didn't have to show at all last week, my first as a potential juror, but this week, I've been caught, apparently.  My first thought when finding this out was to try and wiggle out of it.  I have a full calendar, after all.  I have kids to see, grown ups who need to be rehabilitated. I'm important, dang it!  But, as I snuggled into bed last night I realized that I should be more open to how God needs me today.  Maybe God needs me on a jury? Maybe my agenda should wait and God's needs should come first? Maybe I am needed in the vineyard?  Today, dear, darling God...my day is yours. I know everyday should be yours, but today I feel more drawn to do your will, even though it messes up mine.  I know you will use me well, if I don't try to squirm loose from your grasp.  Love, heidi

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