Thursday, April 14, 2016

Set out!

"The angel of the Lord spoke to Philip...
So he set out...
The Spirit said to Philip...
Philip ran up..."
Acts 8:26, 29, 30

I really gotta hand it to Philip! He is so open and eager to act on the prompting of the Holy Spirit! Philip doesn't seem to hesitate one little bit.  He doesn't hem and haw, look at the ground, say, "Isn't there someone else more qualified than me?" He just ACTS (oh! that's the name of the book!) Would we consider opening up a conversation with a stranger? About faith? God will surely prompt us during our day, today, to do things that may be out of our comfort zones. How will we respond? Will we set out, like Philip? Will we even listen to the prompting of the Spirit as we go about our day? Let's try! What could possibly happen?  Good things!  Lord, sometimes I miss your quiet voice amid the clamber that is my day.  Nudge me to listen more carefully and heed your word more passionately. Maybe even help me to share you with others--either in word or action.  Love, heidi

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