Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The work of our hands...

..."We should strive to see that our work is a gift. Adam was living in Paradise, yet he worked! God gave Adam work so that he might sense his harmony in the divine design."
Fr. Ed Hays, "Secular Sanctity"

Ok, after yesterday, I have 99 more Mondays until I can retire.  I know, it's a crazy thing that I've counted down Mondays, but I really struggle with Mondays and, embarrassingly, began counting them down from 500!  One time Number One Daughter said, 'Your clients deserve someone who isn't counting Mondays." So true, that.  But, it's interesting that, as I count down Mondays, I am also seeking and finding more of God in my work--not the work of counting, but the work of working.  In Fr. Ed Hays' book, "Secular Sanctity," he writes about our work being a gift from God to us.  He talks about doing it prayerfully, with focus and appreciation for what it teaches us.  If we can't find it nourishing and pleasurable, we should find other work!  I'm sinking my teeth in this today, Friends, and am realizing that God certainly has gifted me with the work I do.  Mind you, I'm usually very happy with my job Tuesday through Friday!  It's just those Mondays that are tough.  So, today being Tuesday, I say "Yee Haw!" Let's get in there and appreciate the work we do as a gift from God, who just wants us to do it with love...Love, heidi

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