Sunday, April 17, 2016

Whose voice is that?

“My sheep hear my voice…”
John 10:27
How do we recognize our Shepherd’s voice, exactly? I mean, of all the voices we hear in a day, Jesus’ voice may not be the loudest. So how do we know it’s really Jesus?  I have some filters I sift the voices I hear through, just to make sure. Believe me, when you spend much time in silence, your head can be full of voices! First, I ask myself, does the voice sound like Jesus? If we read and study scripture we know what Jesus said while he walked the earth. Does what we’re hearing sound like something Jesus said before? Also, does what we’re hearing sound loving? Inclusive? Embracing? Jesus was all about going to the fringes and gathering those whom others rejected. Does what we’re hearing call us to stretch beyond ourselves and our personal little realms?  Is what we’re hearing encouraging? Supportive? Is it calling us to joy? Jesus was very good at celebrating and treasuring those surrounding him. Does what we’re hearing call us to live joyfully, with gratitude? Does what we’re hearing call us to care for each other and wash others’ feet? Jesus not only told us but showed us how to do that! When deciding whose voice we are hearing, all we need to ask is, Does it sound like Jesus? If we know Jesus, we will recognize his voice.  Love, heidi

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