Monday, May 23, 2016

Letting go...

"Then Jesus looked at him with love and told him, 'There is one more thing you must do. Go and sell what you have and give to the poor...'"
Mark 10:21

For many of us this can be a difficult Gospel.  Every time I read it I want to run upstairs and clear out a closet.  But, this time, it brings to my mind and heart a real life story.  My daughter has a friend about my age who has terminal cancer. She has recently traveled many miles to be near family when she dies, which could be days or weeks at this point.  She basically walked away from the life she had, her home, her stuff, her life and journeyed to a place to die.  It absolutely boggles my mind to think about that situation.  In order to embrace death, we must let go of life here on earth and that seems so hard! She took a few of her possessions with her, but given the short amount of time she has left, she didn't need a winter coat or Halloween decorations.  What would you take? Given this Gospel of the Rich Young Man, let's spend some time thinking about the real life situation of our own letting go of this life on earth.  What do we need? And, as you ponder this story, please pray for this dear lady, who is nearly There on her journey to new Life.  Love, heidi

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