Friday, June 17, 2016

Lesson in the mirror...and garden

"There is no strength without struggle..."
~Quote on my mom's bathroom mirror

I planted a few flowers in my front garden last weekend and noticed something interesting.  The alyssum from last year had gone to seed and was coming back all over. My mom called them "volunteers." What I noticed about them was how strong they were, much stronger than the new plants.  It shows me that when you weather something difficult (like an east Idaho winter if you're an alyssum) you come back stronger.  This certainly is true for us human peeps, too, isn't it? When we come through something difficult and we weather the storm, our roots are deeper and we are stronger than we were before.  We can then weather even more.  We can let the hard times defeat us or we can dig our roots in and allow ourselves to grow stronger.  We have that choice! And we have God to help us with it all! Blessings on your weekend...Love, heidi

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