Sunday, June 19, 2016

Prepare, plan, save...and then be surprised!

"Prepare, yes, but be open to surprise.
Plan, yes, but be flexible.
Save, yes, but always be generous to those in need, trusting that God will somehow bless our giving."
Sr. Melannie Svoboda, "Living in Christ"

Such great advice for how we should hold the future! I'm such a planner of the future, which can seem a bit contrary to going with the flow of God's will. If I plan and then remember to be flexible to the flowing of the Spirit, it's ok. Gracious God of surprises, surprise me! Help me to be flexible and fluid, moving with your Spirit through my day. I can save and prepare for the future, but open my eyes to how my resources can serve others in the world this very day. Clothe me as the flowers of the field who don't run to Kohl's the minute they get a 30% off coupon in the mail! Help me to trust that my needs will be met and my wants, well, they may need to stay "wants" for a while. Love, heidi

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