Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Free the soul...

"On this path the soul is free and lives without inner suffering, for she wants nothing but what her Lord wants, who arranges everything for the best."
Mechtild of Magdeburg, "The Flowing Light of the Godhead" (as quoted in Give Us This Day)

I first "met" Mechtild of Magdeburg while on retreat for the first time at Marymount. I'd found a book in the library there on women mystics and, as I read it, Mechtild's words resonated with me.  These, today, in Give Us This Day do too! As I wax and wane about the future I need to remember only one thing--God holds the future.  If I can just get on board with what God's plans are, my soul will want nothing but what God wants for me.  I will be able to live and thrive wherever I am, whatever I am doing.  This is very freeing to hear!  Hopefully, it is for you, too...Love, heidi

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