Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Let God do what God wants...

"But God does things through me that I myself cannot do, or even measure...That's the secret. Let God do what God wants to do through me."
The Little Blue Book for Advent

It doesn't matter where I live, what my job is or who surrounds me. It only really matters that I give God free reign to work through me. I need to get my ego out of the way, though, which is a hard thing for me to do! It's not about me, it's about God and what God can do if I just step out of the way.  I learned a while back that I don't need to have a lofty vocation for God to work, but God will work anywhere I find myself, whether at work or play. What can God do through me today? Wow! The possibilities are vast...here we go, God! Love, heidi

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