Monday, March 19, 2012

Half-way through!

Since we are about half-way through our Lenten journey, I was thinking about the lessons I am learning as I travel the labyrinth this year. Three prayers/teachings jump out at me so I thought I'd review them with you today, St. Joseph's Day.

First, "Santa Fe, all the way!" From Fr. Ed Hays, meaning, Holy Faith, all the way! Our holy faith gets us through the difficulties; the times when we don't know what to do or what to think, but we can rely on the fact we KNOW all things work together for our good!

Second, "Lord, it's good to be here." (Matthew 17:4). Our restlessness can cause us to think our lives are on "hold" until God tells us where to go or what to do. The fact is, God can use us, in our weakness, right where we are! Sitting around, waiting to be "called" is actually not answering the call when it's ringing!

And, finally, "I love you, Jesus, my Friend." I hustled into mass yesterday, rain-turning-to-snow pelting me as I dashed. I found a seat and sat back with a sigh, "I love you, my Friend...I'm here and am so blessed to spend this time, in community, with you!" We are mid-way through our journey, Friends. What have we learned so far? Love, heidi

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