Wednesday, July 8, 2015

He wept.

"The brothers did not know, of course, that Joseph understood what they said, since he spoke with them through an interpreter. But, turning away from them, he wept.
Genesis 42:23-24
Our human interactions can be so joyful and wonderful, especially as we are grateful for a great holiday weekend.  It may be hard for us to imagine the sorrow and pain experienced by Joseph here in this reading. His brothers, his own flesh and blood, treated him horribly and now he is in a position to help them or retaliate against them.  And what does he do? He weeps.  So human, and yet, so Divine. Yesterday, I saw a group of kids playing outside on the beautiful summer day.  One kid was away from the group, hollering out to them that he was sorry.  They ignored him. He wept. I remembered how tough kids can be on each other! Sad to say that they may not get much kinder as adults. Today, let's be especially aware of how we treat others--those we know and those we don't.  We are all brothers and sisters so let's treat each other with loving compassion. Love, heidi

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